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15 March 2009 @ 10:35 am
Dimensions - Cross-stitch factory to close by end of 2009  

Yep, their parent company, Wilton Products (of cake decorating fame) announced that the Dimensions plant in Pennsylvania will close by the end of 2009.

See - http://wfmz.com/view/?id=661113

There's nothing on the Dimensions Crafts website - although I would note that the company doesn't ship outside the U.S.A..

If you fancy a Dimensions cross-stitch or needlepoint kit, I'd recommend getting your hands on it ASAP. I know that I will be doing so!

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greenmothergreenmother on March 15th, 2009 06:57 pm (UTC)
I did a bit more digging. Apparently, the Dimensions line is being "integrated" into Wilton's other operating units. Shared services (IT, HR, etc.) are being consolidated and moved to corporate HQ in Illinois. A few staff will be transferred to the New Jersey site but the rest of the staff will be getting severance packages.

The manufacturing function will be outsourced (i.e. sent offshore) and the development/design functions will be rolled into the Specialty Paper and Crafts unit in NJ.

Here's the link to the news release on Wilton's website - http://www.wilton.com/about/pressroom/pressrelease.cfm?id=ED724A0B-1E0B-C910-EA73EED8E2731130

My read on the announcement is that the company's commitment to its needlework operation is (ahem) waning.